Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's a new world...

Hello, world!

It has come to my attention as of late how much negativity I have still allowed to be in my sweet little world-- much of it self imposed. That's the end of that business. A lot of the things you will see on this blog will have bits and pieces of stories and information that were on the old blog. While this is going to be a much more positive and uplifting blog, parts of my story will still be included in hopes of inspiring even just one person.

I am no longer allowed to say that I am damaged, broken, messed up, jacked up, etc... A glorious mess seems fitting, however, and I'm definitely embracing it. There are so many changes that I have made in the past two years of my life and they've done a lot of good for me. I've come a long way but I have a long way to go. Rather than beat myself up for setbacks and failures, I'm taking the new hope that I've been given and I'm running with it.

There will be daily posts now because it's one way that I definitely keep myself in check. There will be no more negative talk about myself to myself or to anyone else. There will be more acknowledgement of how far I've come. There will be a lot more pushing myself to go further. I will be 29 next week...the past nearly 16 years have been filled with a lot of self-hatred, a lot of fear, a lot of worry and a lot of anxiety. There was a lot of talk of "you'll deal with this for the rest of your life" from various doctors over the years...I've been given new hope that what has always been is not how it's going to be anymore.

Left to right on top is my heaviest point to 104lbs lighter. Happiest picture on bottom though!


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