Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello, world!

Is it unseasonably cold where you're at right now? It is here and you know what-- I love it! I'm heading to Chicago this weekend for my birthday and the chance of snow while I'm there more than excites me!

Something I don't think I've ever been a fan of is coat shopping. Being heavier, I have always hated how 99.99999999% of them make me look like a freaking box. I bought one in late fall of last year that I just fell in love with. I loved everything about the way it fit me and actually made me feel like I wasn't a box. I figured when I moved that I would never wear it again thinking that by this winter I would definitely be at least two to three sizes smaller again. Well...we all know that didn't happen.

When I unpacked said coat probably six weeks ago to hang in my front closet, I was super frustrated because of how snug it was. I got mad at myself all over again for gaining back some of what I had lost. I probably even cried about it. I briefly wore it over the weekend but never really had it buttoned or tied. I did notice this morning when I buttoned up for Old Man Winter that it definitely felt better on but hadn't really looked at it. My mom had said on Sunday that she noticed I had lost some in the few weeks since I had been home...I finally saw it today. I had noticed at all in any of my clothing the past two months that I had lost any. My favorite coat fits like a glove again and I can't say how much I love that it hugs my curves instead of making me look like a box!

When giving my thing I like about myself for yesterday and today I said that 1. I love my hips and I love how perfectly small children fit on them (kind of important as a nanny and hopeful someday momma). It's been really hard for me with all of the weight loss to list things that I physically like about my body. I'm generally always stuck between two different sizes of clothing which makes shopping a chore instead of fun like it used to be. Losing weight/fat unevenly across your body is also really frustrating. I'm hippy though and that hasn't changed with the weight loss thus far, nor do I see it changing after I lose more...and I do like that!

2. I like that I can laugh at myself and my own ridiculousness. It's true, I say really ridiculous things sometimes, and more so about myself than anything else...once I hear myself say them then I can laugh about it.



  1. Whoot! :D Hi there! its me Sherry! You sound happy again, so glad to see that! xox

    1. Hi Sherry!
      :) Thanks, so much. I really am yet in a different way than I think I've ever been.