Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Choose happy...

Good morning, world!

I've realized this past week that one of the main differences in myself now compared to the last two years (well really, the prior 29 years) is that I'm just done letting anyone else take away my happiness. I'm done fighting with myself because of it.

I think the first year that I was juicing and trying to change my lifestyle it was more just about physical changes. Physical changes only get you so far if there aren't emotional and mental changes, too. To truly be happy with yourself and with changing your life, all parts have to line up and for me it just wasn' all. When you make such a huge lifestyle change (or you're trying really hard to), it's incredibly hard to stay on track with it when things happen that make you simply not care. For the better part of this past year I just stopped caring.

I care now. I care a lot. I've noticed that mentally and emotionally I have so much more peace than I think I've ever had, but know there is still a lot of peace to achieve. Having that makes the rest of it easier. If I never lost another pound and stayed this size for the rest of my life I know I could still be happy...that's big for me.

Choose happy. Choose life. Choose love. Above all of those you have to choose yourself because you won't find a happy place without loving yourself first. I know that from many years of the exact opposite.

Happy day before my birthday, everyone!


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