Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Let's talk juice...

Hello, world!

Mean Green juice that I made this morning...gorgeous, isn't it?

I've had a lot of people asking me about juicing lately. I love to juice. It's truly changed my life. I knew before I started that juicing wouldn't be a diet per se, but instead would become a new lifestyle or identity. I knew that in starting to juice I would be leaving an old life filled with pain, agony, medications, doctors and depression behind me. Guess what...that's exactly what I've done!

Here are some great links from Joe the Juicer's website that talk about juicing and rebooting/detoxing...he's definitely an expert!

Juicing Benefits


Juicing vs. Blending

Something else that I do on a daily basis now is drink at least one large cup of hot water with lemon in the mornings. I've grown to like it so much that if I need a boost in the afternoons (like today) I'll have more.

Total weight loss as of this morning: 116 pounds


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