Friday, December 19, 2014

Feed it or fight it...

Hello, world!

How on Earth is Christmas next week?!

Most of this last month has been a total blur to me. As of last Wednesday I had lost 38 pounds since Labor Day, officially losing everything I had gained back plus a pound. This morning I'm down another four pounds...which is kind of amazing after eating out for basically every meal for four days while in Cincinnati this week, having no juice and not going to the gym at all. 42 pounds in 3 1/2 months.

I will say that after three weeks now without Prevacid, something I had been on for more than a decade, I have noticed how much of an intolerance I have to carbs (derived from grains), dairy and foods with a high level of acidity. How did I never notice it before? Well, I had at least one medication regulating my digestion system for me. It sounds strange to say that at 29 I don't think I've ever really "heard" my body talk to me before. I had so many medications for SO long making it function (but not really) in a way to just sort of get me through each day. Having the only medication I take daily now being for allergies has made such a huge impact on my life.

I feel as though I am able to make food choices now in a completely different way. Until probably two weeks ago, I obviously knew what I "should" eat yet in many ways I still wasn't feeling how I should. Then one day it's like my body just started processing everything in a way it hadn't since I was probably 13. If I don't eat something that would normally be really tempting for me, I don't feel as though I am depriving myself. I don't sit there and think "man, I really wish I could eat that!" Instead I'm not tempted because I know if I took even one bite it would make me feel less than optimal. For instance, at dinner the other night a plate of biscuits was placed onto the table. I didn't even think about eating one. I knew if I did the dairy and grains in it would almost instantly give me a headache and make my stomach feel blah. I've also noticed that with the way my body is processing food these days, I get fuller much faster, too.

Someone asked me earlier this week why chiropractic has anything to do with digestion. I explained to her what I had learned about it thus far from having adjustments, the other things I've read about it and the physical changes I've felt since. If anyone is proof that chiropractic works it's me!

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