Wednesday, December 10, 2014


You know those weeks where you should feel really good about yourself and the progress you're making but you don't necessarily? Yeah.

As you know about a year and a half ago I had gotten down to 104lbs from my heaviest weight. I plateaued for about five or six months and then gained a total of 37lbs back between November of last year and August of this year. Starting in the beginning of September, I woke up one day and was mentally and emotionally in such a good place (somewhere I don't think I had ever been before)...and the weight I had gained back started coming off again. Last week I made it to the 35lb mark. I haven't been to the gym since Sunday and have been icky since but as of this morning I'm down 38lbs since Labor day...which means what? It means I'm now down 105 from my heaviest, surpassing the 104 I hit last year!

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