Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I like to be right. Apparently all the time. Even about things that don't matter at all. The sad thing is that I don't even realize (most of the time)that's what I'm doing. More than being right I try to make everything be perfect...all the time. Guess what... it's a really dumb thing to do.

I think for SO long now I've always wanted to have the right answers to every question. I've always wanted to do things the way other people would expect me to do them, or the way I've been told they should be done in order to make others happy. I am a people pleaser. I want them happy. I wrap things in really pretty packages and put glitter all over it because somehow in my mind I think that is what people expect of me or want from me.

I. Am. Ridiculous. Truly. It's really okay to admit that. As much as I like to be right (about everything) I also can admit when I am wrong. In the last several months of soul searching I've realized how long I've put everyone else before myself. I've worried for so long about making other people happy. I think for many years I tried to make as many situations appear as perfect as I could because of how unhappy I was with myself. That's not okay. Because guess what... when you do things a certain way for so long (no matter the reason), eventually it becomes an automatic response. Worse than that, people really do come to expect certain things from you because it what you've always done. Even worse than that, you wind up fighting yourself because of it. What's the point in any of that?

Once in a very great while, God puts someone in our lives to show us things that somehow we just keep missing. Maybe we've been told things over and over again before but the manner in which we are told isn't received very well. Then one day someone can say something in such a sincere way and it's like hearing the words for the first time. I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to be right all of the time about everything. The world will go on, and maybe, just maybe you'll find more peace.

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