Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's like a Christmas miracle around here...

Good morning, world!

Do you ever wake up and think "Am I seriously going to deal with this for the rest of my life?!" For more than half of my life that's how I woke up, not to mention what would think to myself about a dozen times throughout the day. It's a very sad way to go through life.

In my last post I told you that my chiropractor (who is a God send!) had shared something with me. In the last week I've been taking an incredible wellness mix called Zeal For Life. You guys....I've been blown away all week long but it's to the point of almost being emotional because of something amazing going on.

Between myself, my mom and my dad we have had more health problems than any family should have. In the last two years I have gotten off of all medications except for a once a day allergy pill. My parents take roughly 20 different pills between the two of them. Lyme Disease (all three of us), Fibromyalgia (two of us), severe arthritis (the two of them), heart disease, Hiatal Hernia, migraines, cancer, gout, thyroid problems and major sleeping issues to name a few. That's what we've been dealing with between the three of us for most of my life and my parents had some of those issues before I was born even.

Within the first two hours of my first dose I felt awake. Truly awake and alert is not something I am used to feeling at all. Even with as much weight as I have lost, I've still combated chronic fatigue and basically would somehow manage to get 3-4 hours of very broken sleep a night. And I can fully "function" that way because that is how I have "lived" since I was 13. So within the first 24 hours I had more energy than I knew what to do with. The night of day two, I slept. Legitimately slept the entire night. I didn't wake up at any point with ANY pain at all, which is normally what causes me to toss and turn all night. Each day since then I have been so energized, so awake, have had no pain at all and slept like a baby. I'm in southern IL this weekend, and normally when I sleep at my parents, I toss the entire night, can't get comfortable and wake up almost unable to move for a few hours because of my back. ZERO pain. Oh, and I've lost 11 pounds.

In the first 24 hours of my dad taking it, he had no pain. That is HUGE for my dad, who for the last couple of years has had to use a cane off an on because of frequent and severe gout and knee pain. Last night we were watching the Cardinals game and it hit him that he also had no pain from the hernia which has plagued him for nearly three years. This morning he said he woke up without any pain again.

My mom, God love her, vacuumed the house before I got here on Thursday. Normally, that would put her out of commission for at least a day if not longer because of her arthritis and back pain. Not to mention she fell that afternoon hard, has a monster bruise on her back and really should have been in a lot of pain the day after. She didn't feel worse than she normally does even though she should have. Yesterday she commented that she had no joint pain in her hands which is huge for her.

Can you answer yes to any of the following questions:
1. Do you want more energy?
2. Do you often feel hungry?
3. Do you lack clarity and focus?
4. Do you feel sad or anxious?
5. Do you have daily aches and pains?

If you can answer yes to any single one of those, we need to talk!

I've been a huge proponent as you know from reading this little blog of mine, that YOU have he power to change your life and to change your story. You have the power to make a change in the lives of others, too. I've been changing my life and my story for the last two years. I know that the changes I've made have inspired other people as well.  Zeal For Life is making a change in me that on my own with diet and exercise couldn't do. If you want to know more message me on facebook, email me ( or better yet, take a look at this site:

What's stopping you from feeling the way you were meant to feel?


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