Saturday, May 30, 2015

Do more, be more, live more...

Hello world!

What a CRAZY few weeks it has been. In the past week especially, I have seen just how much my life has changed in the past eight months. Eight months ago I had seeds of hope planted into my soul that were never there before. About seven months ago, chiropractic care began to change my life. Six months ago my entire thought process changed. Every single day since then BIG things have happened. My life has come full circle as of late and I've seen that things I have in my life directly stem back to those two months in the fall.

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to two incredible speakers from within the health world. One shared his story and it was so clear how many people would have given up all hope in his shoes but he chose not to. He knew that giving up was not in God's plan for his life. The other speaker after that talked about never giving up hope and how sharing your story can give others hope they so desperately need.

I share my story on a daily basis because there was once a time in my life for many, many years in which I didn't have hope. I walked through this world daily resigned to the fact that I would live with excruciating pain for the rest of my life. I had doctors either tell me it was all in my head or that taking this pill or that pill would help, which it never really did. My life was not my own. I wasn't really living. I was merely getting by and afraid of doing anything different that might cause more pain. I'm not even 30 yet...I assure you that is NOT living. It's being trapped within your own body almost paralyzed.

Yes, I've lost a ton of weight over the past two years on my own. Yes, I've gotten myself off of all medications with the exception of a once a day allergy pill. Yes, I had reduced my pain level significantly. Did I ever believe I could truly feel how I do today? No. Not at all.

A little over a month ago now, my chiropractor talked me into giving Zeal Wellness a try. I am on day 27 right now and I assure you that I am living a life beyond anything I ever dreamed was possible for me after the previous 16 years. Do you know what it's like to suddenly feel awake when it's felt like you never sleep? Or what it's like to truly feel alive after feeling trapped for more than half of your life? There are no words to accurately describe that. 27 days in and I sit here without joint pain. I've not had a migraine or cluster headache for 27 days. I have slept all night long and woken up feeling ready for whatever the world is going to throw at me every day now. I have had energy that I still don't even quite know what to do with. While continuing with my Primal Diet and using Zeal, I have lost 14.5lbs and 27.7" all over in 27 days. Seriously. It's unreal. I went shopping in a non-plus size store today and bought multiple items and it felt amazing.


Then there is my dad who has seen miracles that I never thought I'd see happen. My dad has had heart disease since I was in grade school. He's had multiple heart attacks and surgeries since 1994. He's had severe gout and hernia pain for many years now. He's dealt with pain for more than my entire life. For the past six years or so he has had to increasingly use a cane to walk. He's been told by doctors time and time again that it's amazing he is alive. I don't believe he'd had a full nights sleep in decades. My dad's quality of life has been very poor for as long as I can remember and for the longest time I was certain he would never walk me down the aisle. While that may seem silly, it's literally been a fear I've had since I was a child and I no longer have that fear. My dad is 24 days into Zeal and pain free. He is sleeping all night long. His blood pressure has dropped roughly five points. He doesn't have to sleep during the day.  I might be 29 and getting a new life I've never had but my dad is 72 and finally getting to live again.

If you want to do more, to be more, to live more than what you are doing right can. Do not ever let anyone tell you that you can't. Change your story. Change someone else's story. I did and you know what? I've never felt happier.

Zeal is not a cure all. It's not magic. Zeal is an incredible mix of super foods that is designed to help your body achieve optimal wellness. Zeal allows your body to do the things it is supposed to do. I wake up every day with so much excitement because I can't wait to see how it's going to continue to change my life or the lives of others. Do you get to wake up and know that you are going to change someones life today? I do. There's nothing like it. If you want to know more about Zeal Wellness, send me a message. Check out my website--


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